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Skiing in Central Makedonia


Ski Center Elatochori

The Elatochori Ski Center is located on the Mountains of Pieria, on the northern slopes of Mount Olympus. The ski center is situated 8 kilometers from Elatochori, a village where nature is at its best. Standing at an altitude of 1450 meters, the center overlooks forests of beeches, oaks and fir trees. The ski center is run by the Katerini Alpine & Ski Club and has 6 ski trails stretching for over 10 km.

There is also a track for snowboarding, its course running through the forest, and another for sleds. There is a modern 3-floor chalet at the base of the ski center capable to accommodate 400 people. Two ski schools train the skiers and there are shops selling and renting ski equipment. The center has a Snowboard Fun Park, an area specially designated for snowboarding. It is located about 300 km from Athens and 12 km from Elatochori village.




Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort

Kaimaktsalan ski centre is located in Central Macedonia, on the Voras Mountains, the third highest mountain in Greece. Sitting at an altitude of 2018 meters, the resort is well-known for the spectacular views it offers. Even with a naked eye, one can enjoy the views of the Thermaikos Gulf, the summit of Olympus Mountain as well as the Tria Pente Pigadia Ski Center in Naoussa, which is just across the peak. There are 14 skiing sites in the center, covering a total length of 15 kilometers and serviced by four lifts.

The chalet, a beautiful three-storied building made of wood, glass and rock houses a restaurant and a cafeteria with a playground on the ground floor and seven luxurious mini suites on the second floor. At the entrance of the resort, there are two private ski schools. Special services include snowmobiling on a specially-designed course. The center also boasts the first Speed Trap in Greece. Set in a special slope at a height of 1200 meters, the trap provides information of the maximum speed the skier has attained as he descends the slope. The resort is 660 km from Athens, 140 km from Thessaloniki and 45 km from Edessa town.




Vermio – Seli Ski Resort

The winter sports resort of Seli is located on Vermion Mountain, northern Greece. Standing at an altitude 1890 meters, the ski center has 18 trails covering a total distance of 16 kilometers, serviced by 6 lifts. There are trails suitable for different levels of difficulty.

Seli combines tracks for tourist and sports skiing, playgrounds, street circuit endurance running trails, climbing (E4), rich snow conditions, free-run, stunning sunshine, easy access and ample parking.

The small village of Seli, sitting at the base of the ski centre, only 100 meters from the parking lot, is a traditional Greek village with old and timeless charm. It remains sparsely populated in summer, but becomes quite busy in winter with its coffee shops, taverns, hotels as well as ski schools and stores selling or renting ski equipment. The resort is 520 km from Athens, 95km from Thessaloniki and 20 km from Naousa.


Vermio – 3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort

The ski center "3 – 5 PIGADIA" is located on the west side of Vermio at an altitude of 1,430 to 2,005 m and about 17 kilometers from the town of Naoussa. The paved road is always open during the winter season.

Located on the slopes of Vermion Mountain, northern Greece, the Tria Pente Pigadia Ski Center is surrounded by lush vegetation due to the abundance of water in the area. The alpine landscape is sprinkled with oaks, beeches, chestnuts and fruit groves. The ski center is open from October to April. The most challenging slopes is the "Phillipos", which has been designed to meet international standards. The resort has seven lifts including two baby lifts of 200 meters. The chalet, at a height of 2005 meters, offers a panoramic view of the area. There are also rooms to spend the night. Ski instructors teach all levels of skiers. The enthusiastic can participate in night ski races held at the lighted Aristotelis slope. The resort is 560 km from Athens, 110 km from Thessaloniki and 17 kilometers from Naoussa town.



More information about the ski resorts in the Central Macedonia region can be found here: Skiresorts in Central Macedonia


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